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Integrate MySiteChat now into your website and clicks turn into potential customers. We approach visitors of your site directly and classify them according to your specifications. Today, the use of live chat systems is more necessary than ever before. On average, visitors spend less than 1 minute on a website, so direct approaching is necessary for the success of a website.

We assume the entire approach, classification and forwarding according to your specifications.

Hundreds of chat agents for YOUR success!

Verified and qualified chat agents serve your website visitors around the clock

Full service outsourcing for 24/7 live chat with your website visitors

Free from business hours. Direct approaching also after business hours

Qualified lead generation for the acquisition of new customers via your website

Generate leads via your website and optimize your support. Independent chat agents assume your website around the clock. The cost of a successful and documented chat always remains the same. All chat agents receive continuous reviews of website visitors.

Our multilingual chat agents communicate with your visitors in the respective national language. In the statistics you can see how many chats have been made on your website. Chats can be classified in the profile and the agent forwards them to the responsible department or contact person depending on the visitor’s request – uncontrolled support input turns into controlled output.

MySiteChat –

easy and simple

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MySiteChat is more than you expect


Wherever you are and no matter which terminal you use, MySiteChat just needs a browser and access to the internet. No lengthy installations, no update problems.

Hosted in Germany

The MySiteChat cloud systems are operated in TÜV 27001 audited GERMAN data centers with more than 60,000 servers. The systems are mirrored over two locations and thus offer maximum reliability.


As with online consultations where the highest requirements of anonymity are required, MySiteChat offers an additional encryption method between the visitor and the chat agent.

Data protection

All data is in the possession of our customers. MySiteChat isolates all data and protects it several times against external access. All connections are encrypted and secured by a so-called token procedure again and again.

Cost control

Determiner yourself the budget for your web communication. MySiteChat uses a so-called PayPerChat system. You define a daily budget and the chats are accepted until the budget is exhausted.

Open for integration

Direct transfer of leads to your sales management, booking systems or support platform. Also as automated sending of chat requests via e-mail. We integrate MySiteChat into your IT landscape.

Price / Costs

The pay-per-chat system allows an unlimited number of chat agents, whether own or external chat agents. Optionally, we can advise you on the realisation of projects and, if necessary, school employees. These (optional) costs are not covered by the monthly fee and will be charged separately.

Costs per chat

  • Fixed price €3.00 per chat*
  • Unlimited chat history
  • No minimum volume

Optional services

  • Configuration and setup
  • Integration planning**
  • Automation planning**

* Price per chat plus VAT ** Interfaces to other programs are usually created free of charge if the target platform is a product with a recognizable market share.